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Monday, January 9, 2012

mealtime #momfail

If there's an area I fall short in as a mother, it's dinnertime!

Some poor mom's kid.

Or any kind of meal for that matter. 

My youngest is beyond picky. My oldest is finally growing out of the picky eater stage. So far, my favorite thing about having a teenager. He will pretty much eat anything I give him. Thank God! Finally! Am I looking forward to fighting with my youngest for the next 6 years until he reaches the teen-eat-everything stage? Notsomuch. 

We have four food groups. 

Ramen noodles, waffles, rice, and pasta. 

If it wasn't for these bad boys,
I'm pretty sure my kids would be dead. 

Are you feeling the need to point out that I'm a terrible mom? Go ahead, I know. It's true. 

Please, Leave me a snarky comment about how you're the mom of the year and your kids love to eat eat brussel sprouts for breakfast. When I get your comment I will know I've made it as a blogger thanks to your judgement. 

I do have nightmares about my kid growing up to look like those scarishly morphed adults on that show. Ya know? The one that took parents like me and scared the bejesus out them by showing them pictures of their children computer generated into their future selves only to find they would grow up to look like morbidly obese criminals. I think it was called Honey, We're Killing the Kids? Or something equally disturbing. 

Well, it's one of those things. One of those parenting things you can't take back because you already screwed up. We have never been very strict on "clearing your plate" or vegetables. That's not to say I don't wish we had been, but the damage is done. Now I'm left with the mess to clean up. 

Which means lots of not so fun meal times. Sigh...

I know he'll grow out of this. We're taking steps to make meal times more family oriented. I truly suck at bringing the family together for meal times. TOTALLY SUCK!

I'm that mom. The short order cook. The annoying mom that makes 45 different things in a day to keep everyone happy. I hate that mom! But, I'm her. I love to cook for hubs! But, up until recently when my oldest started eating more variety, I was basically cooking for just the two of us. The kids often ate their ramen noodles meals before we even sat down, and before we knew it we've spent the last few years eating at different times, and rarely making it to the table together. 

same kid, new attitude.
Hmmm? suspicious. No?

I've got to get a handle on this. It's pretty much messing up my New's Year's Resolution to "chill" more. 

What's your #momfail?

Don't bother coming back if you can't think of one. 

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At January 9, 2012 at 9:25 PM , Blogger MiMi said...

Oh TRUST me my kids complain at EVERY meal! Okay, tonight they didn't, but that's just weird.
Actually, I think I better go take their temps...

At January 10, 2012 at 7:00 AM , Blogger ckbrylliant said...

No worries here. We have deemed 2012 the year of the vegetable for our son, 4, he will eat one vegetable in 2012. That's right I said ONE. Keep on keepin' on. I am getting ready to go make 3 different breakfasts, it you will excuse me.

At January 10, 2012 at 7:23 AM , Blogger Janet Rose said...

You've written out my worst failure in your own words. :) People look at me funny and in total disbelief that my babies both spit out veggie babyfood. Green beans didn't make the list from about 7 months. I tried...oh, how I tried to keep feeding them to them. Not happening. They are both eating a little more now at 8 & 9, but it's a struggle to get past pb&j some days.

At January 10, 2012 at 8:02 AM , Blogger Maggie S. said...

I suck. It's all #momfail. God just gave me supers. I guess he needed them to hide their powers until they are grown.

At January 10, 2012 at 9:22 AM , Blogger Kathy Kramer said...

My #momfail was letting my child have a little independence by letting him play outside by himself (with one eye outside, of course) sometimes.

At January 10, 2012 at 9:34 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

PJ is also super pick. I short order cook because I want him to eat. He won't try new things. He's starting to eat MORE, which is good, but it's just the same things.

John assures me he was the same and then when he got older ate everything in sight.

We also don't eat veggies save for potatoes, corn, and peppers. I don't like them, John doesn't like them, why the hell would I make them??:


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